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Jennifer Rubell, the Vegetable Butcher of Eataly.
Jennifer Rubell, the Vegetable Butcher of Eataly.

Monday, January 10th, 2011

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As 2011 gains momentum, we look forward to finding new ways of eating healthier and keeping it interesting. Observing the cross-polination of art and food is one way to get inspired. Mario Batali’s cathedral-like food hall, Eataly, is embracing the trend by creating the new title of “Vegetable Butcher”. She is none other than Jennifer Rubell, who moonlights as a successful artist, and her medium of choice is food. At Eataly, she will wash and chop vegetables free in front of your eyes. Watch a brief documentary about Rubell and her art here.

We are excited to see more artists moving into the medium of food, as an opportunity to engage with the public dialogue about food culture and production. We’ve previously posted on Marije Vogelzang, the Dutch artist and designer who spoke at the AIGA Gain conference last year.



Thursday, May 20th, 2010

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Britain’s second playground for old people has just opened in Hyde Park. The £40,000 facility features fitness equipment designed to provide gentle exercise, including a cross- trainer, body-flexer, free runner, sit-up bench, flex wheel and static bike.

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