Thursday, April 1st, 2010

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Census day has arrived and if you haven’t seen the onslaught of media, direct mail and community outreach, the US Government wants you to stand up and be counted.

We’ve all been overwhelmed at some time by the morass or poorly designed government forms and interactions. What has pleasantly surprised us about the 2010 Census effort is the consideration and care put into everything from the logo to the form itself. Even opening the envelope made us smile, with directions on how to use it and how to make sure you stuff the envelope correctly when you return it.

After years of envying the design savvy of northern European governments, we had a flicker of pride for a bit of US design that we were happy to stand and be counted with.


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  1. Julia says:

    One of my Northern European friends recently said “Welcome to the civilised world!” He was talking about the passage of the healthcare bill, but I feel he would have given us extra kudos if he’d seen this post about the census as well.
    Proud to be an American!

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